American Graffiti Parade 2007 
Monday, April 23, 2012, 01:43 PM
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Installing New Windscreen Wipers 
Monday, April 23, 2012, 01:34 PM
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Every car owner knows that they need the windshield wipers. Most also knows that a pair of new windshield wipers are cheap and are quite easy to install. So, the question is, why does your car still have those two worn out and useless strips of rubber installed?

Unless you get caught driving in a heavy rain with a worn out windshield wiper, you tend to neglect the importance of windshield wipers. And, you think of installing new ones when it is raining heavily, which is actually the worst time to change them. It just takes about 10 minutes of your time to replace your windshield wipers and you should do it on a sunny day.

The first step in replacing the windshield wipers is by removing the old ones. When removing the windshield wipers, you should always remember to be careful as once the rubber strips are removed, nothing will get in between the metal wiper arm and your glass windshield. If you are not careful, you could scratch or even crack your windshield which is bad news for any car owner.

To remove the old windshield wipers, you have to get the whole assembly out of the way. Just raise it and it will prop itself in a raised position. Hold the wiper arm with one hand, and with your other hand depress the small tab that is located underside the wiper. This is where the metal meets the rubber strip. After doing this, you can easily slide the wiper off the arm by pulling the center towards the bottom of the wiper arm.

The arms are spring loaded in order to keep the wipers pressed on the windshield. This may also mean that it may snap from the raised position and hit your windshield hard. If the rubbers are already off, it can mean hitting the windshield with the metal arm. When you are going to get your new set of windshield wipers, don't leave the arms in a raised position. Instead, try to slowly place the arm in the down position.

When you are ready to install the new wipers, you first need to line everything up. To do this, look at the side of the wiper where it attaches to the metal arm. You will see that there is a plastic clip where one end is flat and the other has a curve across the top. You need to rotate this plastic clip up until the curve is pointing towards the wiper blade.

After that, hold the wiper upside down next to the metal arm. By doing this, you will see that the curve in the arm will match the curved top of plastic clip.

After lining it up, you can now click the wiper blades into place. There is a trick or technique in doing this.

First, you need to lower the wiper over the wiper arm. Put the arm between the sides of the wiper with the open hook facing the plastic clip.

Then, move the hook over the plastic clip and pull the wiper upwards so that the round edges of the clip slides into the hook.

Pull it tight in order for the assembly to click into place.

Then, carefully lower the wiper back onto the windshield. Repeat the steps on the other wiper.

After that, you are all done. You can now safely drive in stormy weather with no squeaking sounds on your wipers with a clear windshield.
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Classic Car Body Restoration 
Thursday, April 12, 2012, 01:00 PM
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